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A Night at the Gala

Many of you may already know that Bella Eden Farms was chosen to participate in the Lift Up Local WOW boxes by the Southeast Health Foudation! What an honor to be a part of this community serving foundation. In addition, our interview was chosen to be presented at the Southeast Health Foundation Gala this past Saturday. They showcased a few of our products during the interview.

They are raising money to expand the number of critical care unit beds at Southeast Health hospital. More than ever before, we realize how a shortage of beds can impact a community. Having loved ones that need specialized care and then to be told there aren’t enough beds and that your loved one would be diverted to another hospital would be a scary thing. This happened to so many families nationwide during the COVID19 pandemic. Thankfully, our Southeast Health Foundation is making sure they can care for as many patients as possible in the future. Through innovative fundraising, this event raised $90,000 towards this $10 million project!

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